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I had the honor to spend a year as a resident of this magical hood called Bushwick. it is such a desperate act trying to describe this amazing neighbourhood to someone who has never been to NYC or Brooklyn, so I’ll skip ahead and talk about these captioned photos I had created during the time I spent there. I own the credit for the photos as well, these are the shots that I had taken wandering around the neighbourhood.

I have released an EP called Accolades. House and techno are what I usually like to produce but these two tracks came at a time when I was mostly listening to the hip hop or rnbish songs. So I hope you can feel chill hip hop vibez embedded in these house songs. Go check them out on spotify, apple itunes or any other major streaming platforms.

yes dear friends, web3.o has been continuously amazing to me over the last 6 months, emergence of many new Dapps on both eth and binance smart chain was totally incredible. Now that gas fees are back to reasonable levels on Eth blockchain, I am finally able to implement my long time dream, the City Blox. City Blox is a project so near and dear to my heart, it allows me to express my creativity in a very well structured concept.

This project is a life long commitment by myself and I am sure that the BLOX token will be huge…


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